Carrol Rhead is the epitome of a hard-working Colorado mom!  Her B.A. in Economics and M.S. in Business Administration, along with her 25+ year career in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries have well prepared Carrol to leap from a mundane corporate life to pursue her creativity, craving to help others, and an unyielding passion for detail in the world of real estate.

Carrol grew up both in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver and in the suburban landscape near Parker and can personally attest to the metamorphosis of the entire metropolitan area.  Having returned to her roots in Park Hill, she is grateful for the diversity and unique community where her middle and high school aged children are able to learn, grow, and thrive. Carrol and the kids can also often be found soaking up the fun and unending beauty in the mountains that line our exquisite state.

Carrol’s integrity and common sense approach to life provides her with a balanced perspective.  She is particularly attuned to the rapidly changing marketplace and the impacts that it is having on all clientele – from potential first time homebuyers to those who are downsizing and seeking alternative resources for assistance in their golden age. Using her broad experience and focused training, she is committed, excited and ready to work with you!

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