5 Renovation Projects on a Budget

  1. Appliances at outlets or discount sales or scratch & dent specials can be far less expensive and yet still new products.  OR – wait for the Big Box dealers like Home Depot and Lowes to have their Holiday Specials.

  2. Paint – you can paint yourself!  With the technology in paint – allowing for just 1 coat b/c the primer and paint are combined – saves you time and it looks great!  And you can use higher technology paint tape that will be more forgiving and come off the walls easier than ever.

  3. Flooring – new flooring can be expensive but create a lasting effect.  A hard surface is easier to maintain.  Some cost effective materials are linoleum and the ‘non-wood’ wood products – luxury vinyl plan (LVP), pergo flooring.  They can help you achieve a more maintenance free and longer lasting solution than carpet – yet at similar prices.

  4. Lighting fixtures – old and dated lighting fixtures, replaced with new, reasonably priced fixtures, can be a major impact the look of a home! 

  5. Remove Juniper bushes (dated look!) and replace with cost-effective landscaping.  Doing it yourself is a theme here – that will save you heavy on labor. “

**These above – all if done by the homeowner – can save them loads of money on labor.  However, be smart & SAFE – hire an electrician or handyman if you don’t know how.”